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Are you tired of having the phone ringing at "2:00 am" with your Alarm Company calling to tell you that your alarm has gone off again?

Are you tired of having to go down to the work place only to find that the Police have already left and now you have to wait for them to return and check the premise?

Are you putting yourself or your employees) in harms way, having to go down to your work place to check the premises after the alarm has been activated?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions
Metro Task Force Security, LLC.
is the answer for you!!!


1. Approximately 98% of all alarms dispatched from the Alarm Companies to the local law-enforcement agencies are false or accidental alarms. This means that the alarm was not generated by someone unlawfully entering the premise protected. In spite of this, someone has to, or should respond to check the premise and reset the alarm. Someone has to, or should respond to the premise to correct, if possible, the cause that activated the alarm.

2. Remember, most alarms do not occur when someone is on the premise. Some alarms are caused by employees entering or exiting the premise. However, the rest of the alarms occur during the night, weekends, holidays and other times that the premise is closed for business or the homeowner is away. Now the owner, the employer, and employee or friend has to respond to meet the police and reset the alarm system.

3. Do you want to have to get up in the middle of the night or have your employees or friends, get up and go down to the premise to meet police?

4. Do you or the person you have responding, want to wait for the police to return to meet you at the premise, because there was no obvious sign of an break-in, and they had to leave of other calls before you were able to arrive?

With Metro Task Force Security, LLC. as your agent, the concerns above are no longer yours. You are no longer disturbed by phone calls from your Alarm Company. You only receive a phone call if there is a problem at your premise.



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